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ThreeD Engineering Ltd.

Low Volume

We can deliver up to 10’000 parts with a lower price per unit than injection moulding with €0 tooling costs.


Complex Parts

We can manufacture designs which are not possible with conventional manufacturing processes.

Customisable Parts

Complete customisation at an economically viable price is now possible.

"We aim to disrupt the low volume polymer manufacturing industry in Ireland. By manufacture physical products using Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing. We can deliver up to 10'000 parts with a lower price per unit than injection moulding while incorporating complexity and customisation at no extra cost."

Show Case of 3D Printed Products 

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing (Nylon PA12)

Consumer Goods (Nylon PA12)

About Us

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive 3D printing service for one-off prototypes anywhere up to 10’000 component runs. Our services are applicable to the following industries: Engineering & Manufacturing, Marketing, Medical Devices, Architecture, Education, Art & Design. We can offer a start to finished product lifecycle design service including conception development, 3D modelling & CAD design, 3D scanning & Reverse Engineering, iterative prototyping up to small-batch manufacturing. Using 3D printing offers a completely new approach to product development, zero upfront investment in tooling dies and fixtures is required and design can be developed on a continual basis. Design improvement can be implemented in the manufacturing process within one week and shipped out you to your customers instantaneously. 3D Printing offers an unparalleled manufacturing process which offers an on-demand instantly scalable supply chain.

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